Any Baby Can (ABC) is a local non-profit that serves pregnant women and families through ongoing and long-term case management and educational services. GALS has formed a unique partnership with Any Baby Can in order to support clients who have little to no support during their labor and birth. The ABC/GALS Project matches Any Baby Can clients who want labor support with a trained GALS volunteer who provides them with emotional and physical support through the end of their pregnancy and labor. GALS labor support companions provide encouragement and support to the birthing woman, help her stay comfortable with non-medical comfort measures, and help her to have an empowering birth experience. GALS volunteers do not take the place of medical providers and they do not make decisions for the client.

The ABC/GALS Project is designed to create a continuity of care for ABC clients during their pregnancy and labor.

The GALS labor support companion works with the client’s Any Baby Can case manager throughout the pregnancy and labor to best serve the client and enhance existing prenatal and postpartum services. Services include:

  • A minimum of two (2) prenatal visits (at least one with case manager or nurse)
  • GALS labor support companion attending the birth
  • At least one postpartum visit with case manager
  • Providing educational information to prepare for labor and birth and to enhance breastfeeding and parenting.

ABC/GALS Project volunteers are committed to their clients and understand the importance of their responsibilities.

All ABC/GALS volunteers must complete GALS volunteer requirements in addition to specialized trainings focused on providing labor support to Any Baby Can clients. If you want to learn more about this unique opportunity of volunteering for the ABC/GALS project, please contact Iris Reza Bailey at

Do you work at another local non-profit or community clinic and want to ensure GALS volunteers serve your clients?

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