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Kit and Kat Kunt

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If you’re like most red-blooded Americans, and your dream is to watch two HOT twins dominate the female arm wrestling world, then tonight is your lucky night.

Kit and Kat Kunt were the result of a love affair between two Monsanto employees, Ima Kunt and Harry Beaver. Conjoined since birth, these sexy ladies have not let their situation slow them down. When they step up to the table, they are an unbeatable duo of power. They share their strength. They share their heart. But only one has the vagina.

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Gettin’ crazy  and kickin’ ass to make the world a better place.

CLAWstin — the Austin league of the national Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers — is an association of tough Austin ladies dedicated to showcasing women’s strengths and bringing in the Benjamins for local nonprofits. A CLAWstin match is part athletic event, part circus, and just about the wildest show in town.