Giving Austin Labor Support (GALS) is an official 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer organization which seeks to provide emotional and physical support to women during their birth experience.

Anyone in the Austin area can access a volunteer labor support companion by contacting the dispatch line: 512-934-2171.

Our Mission:

Giving Austin Labor Support is an organization of dedicated women who provide emotional, physical and informational support to those who are under-supported through their birth experience in order to improve birth outcomes and empower women and their families.

Request Support from GALS

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What We Provide

We provide comfort and companionship to women with little or no support. This includes physical, emotional and informational support during prenatal, birth and postpartum periods. In addition, GALS partners with:

  • Any Baby Can (ABC) to create a continuity of care for ABC clients during their pregnancy and labor; and the
  • Travis County Sheriff’s Office to support incarcerated pregnant women in Travis County through their birth experience. 

Who Qualifies

Any woman who asks for extra support during pregnancy and childbirth, or asks for support from a GALS volunteer qualifies for our services.

To request a labor support companion at any time, please call the GALS Dispatch Line at (512) 934-2171. Prenatal support requests can be made by submitting the online contact form. We always do our best to accommodate requests, but please know that our resources are limited. We look forward to being of service to you!

About GALS Volunteers

GALS volunteers are dedicated members of the community who have an interest in volunteering their time to support mothers during childbirth. They are mothers, students, professionals, friends, or warm-hearted souls who have committed to the GALS mission.

Each GALS volunteer attends a GALS volunteer orientation and must clear a background check. All GALS volunteers agree to comply within a standardized GALS Scope of Practice.

Upcoming Events

Given the clear benefits and no known risks associated with intrapartum support, every effort should be made to ensure all labouring women receive support, not only from those close to them but also from specially-trained caregivers. This support should include continuous presence, the provision of hands-on comfort and encouragement.
— E.D. Hodnett, Support from Caregivers During Childbirth