Testimonials from our clients

I cannot thank… GALS enough for the strength and support that was given to me at one of the hardest times of my life. There’s no way I could have endured those 58 hours without you! I would have had to have another c-section had it not been for your support. Thank you for being so calm and reassuring when I didn’t have the strength myself.
Yo estoy muy complacida y aradecida con mi doula. le estare aradecida toda la vida que dios la bendica y la cuide siempre en su vida.” Translation: “I am very pleased with and grateful for my doula. She will be blessed and looked after by God always in her life.
Muy contento por el servicio y la afección que me brindo la senorita y para su exelente trabajo.” Translation: “I am very content with the services and comfort that the young lady brought me with her excellent work.
[My GALS volunteer] really helped break down the medical talk into plain English so that I could understand. She also helped get my wishes across to [medical staff] so that they were met.
Wish I would have known about you with my first baby.
[My GALS volunteer} helped me a lot!

Testimonials from labor and delivery staff

[The GALS volunteer] was a valuable member during this delivery … She really helped the patient stay calm and contributed to a better birthing experience.
[The GALS volunteer] did a wonderful job holding this patient and providing a hand to squeeze throughout the labor process. She was so appropriate in her words and actions.
Great support for this young woman who has no family here.
I want to thank you again for being there with my client. We (Any Baby Can) are so thankful we are partnered with GALS for your love and support of our clients. A lot of them have nobody there with them at hospital. That’s why I referred (my client); I was worried about her support system. Thank you again.
Patient could not have done it without [the GALS volunteer]! She was a great support to the patient and me as the nurse. Gracias por todo!
Outstanding effort above and beyond the call of [a] doula.