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Interested in volunteering with GALS?

We have several opportunities for you to get involved:

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  • Birth Support Companion

  • Dispatch Operator

  • Bilingual Coordinator

  • Outreach Committee Member

  • Fundraising Committee Member

  • GALS/TCSO Member

We expect our Labor Support Companion volunteers to:

  • Be available for on-call labor support for a minimum of two 24-hour periods per month

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement

  • Agree to and sign our Scope of Practice agreement

  • Participate in occasional GALS-sponsored continuing education workshops

  • Support GALS through participation in community outreach, fundraising and education

Please Note:

This is a long-term volunteering opportunity requiring a minimum commitment of being on-call twice a month, and potentially very long hours. For students seeking a limited number of volunteering hours for college applications or to fulfill class requirements, we recommend seeking other opportunities that are not as time-intensive. New mothers, mothers-to-be and mothers of small children should carefully consider their ability to consistently commit to this volunteer program.

No prior experience is necessary but a very flexible schedule is needed, plus the emotional and physical stamina to attend long labors. We also require volunteers to be 18 and older. We provide on-site training and continuing education for our birth workers, in return for a minimum commitment of being on-call twice a month.

The average time our Labor Support Companions stay at a birth is 12-14 hours, but it may be quite a bit shorter or considerably longer. Since a doula often needs to rest after a birth, they should only offer to volunteer when she doesn’t have other commitments near that time period. (We recommend that the volunteer has a 48-hour period of time available when they is on call.)

Still interested? Here’s what to do:

After you complete the Volunteer Application, you may receive an invitation to attend one of the GALS volunteer orientations.

At the Volunteer Orientation, you will learn about GALS history, our mission and vision, and your role as a GALS volunteer. We will cover topics including: how to respond to a call, what to do when you arrive at the hospital, how to complete paperwork, what-ifs, as well as specifics of other volunteer opportunities within GALS. Check facebook (@GALSupport) and our events page for the date of the next Volunteer Orientation.

The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin is required for volunteers. An additional reading list will be provided at the orientation.