About Tonya Hard-Ones


Tonya Hard-Ones

Ladies and Gentlemen:  Get up on your feet! Protect them knees! And help us welcome Figure Skating Champion and Arm Wrestling bad ass… Tonya Hard-Ones!!


Making a comeback from her 1989 Championship, Tonya is ready to “go to bat” with any Tom, Dick, or Nancy that steps up to the arm wrastlin’ table. She has adjusted her attitude and her laces and is ready to ice out her opponent.


You’ll know her match is over when you see her opponent sitting on the ground, holding her elbow, and crying, “WHHHHYYYYYYY?” like a big baby.


Backed by her loving and supportive mother LaVona and her devoted bodyguards, Tonya is ready to rumble.


So, call your friends out of their trailers, spray up your bangs reeeeaal good, and take one more shot of Mad Dog for our next wrestler…..  TONYA HARD-ONES!!!!

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Gettin’ crazy  and kickin’ ass to make the world a better place.

CLAWstin — the Austin league of the national Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers — is an association of tough Austin ladies dedicated to showcasing women’s strengths and bringing in the Benjamins for local nonprofits. A CLAWstin match is part athletic event, part circus, and just about the wildest show in town.