About Gina Cash and the Junes


Gina Cash and the Junes

Deep in the Piney Woods of East Texas, Gina Cash, the Woman in Black, was born with a guitar in her clenched fist. Not one for the hay fields or oil rigs, she spent her days singing songs and wrestling broads. Like a rider in the sky, she hit the road to Nashville and sang on any stage that would have her. Her charisma whipped lady listeners into a frenzy, and she was banned from the country music boys’ club forever. Rather than walk that line, she turned to venues not afraid to book a woman who spoke her mind - every women’s prison south of the Mason-Dixon. With her guitar, a fifth of rye and the black suit on her back, Gina traveled to prison after prison. Now, flanked by her many worshipping Junes--all ex-cons she picked up along the way--Gina Cash is ready to rise like a phoenix from that burning ring of fire. She’s a lover, a fighter and sooner or later she’s gonna cut you down.

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Gettin’ crazy  and kickin’ ass to make the world a better place.

CLAWstin — the Austin league of the national Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers — is an association of tough Austin ladies dedicated to showcasing women’s strengths and bringing in the Benjamins for local nonprofits. A CLAWstin match is part athletic event, part circus, and just about the wildest show in town.