About Madame Ginger and her Hellcats


Madame Ginger and her Hellcats

A badass in business by day, and a dominatrix at night, Madame Ginger is here to spank her opponents with a firm hand and correct the naughty with the sting of the crop. Tapping the power of sexuality and her powerful biceps, she and her Hellcats push boundaries all the way to the mat. As the Madame says, there's no shame in your game, no fear in your freak--unless you want to wrestle. Then playtime is over!

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Gettin’ crazy  and kickin’ ass to make the world a better place.

CLAWstin — the Austin league of the national Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers — is an association of tough Austin ladies dedicated to showcasing women’s strengths and bringing in the Benjamins for local nonprofits. A CLAWstin match is part athletic event, part circus, and just about the wildest show in town.